ENA SmartVoice is a fully managed, cloud-based VoIP solution that can lower your total cost of ownership and ensure a seamless path to future growth—all while streamlining your communications and better preparing your healthcare organizations for emergencies. With its enterprise-class features and functionality, ENA SmartVoice delivers the next generation of healthcare telephony.


Why is ENA SmartVoice So Smart?


Highly scalable & cost-effective.

ENA SmartVoice is hosted, so there’s no outlay of capital expenditure other than the phones themselves. Instead, the solution is offered at a flat monthly rate that delivers savings and a lower total cost of ownership over many on-premises systems. ENA SmartVoice is highly scalable and offers a rich array of productivity-enhancing features. Unlike expensive on-premises systems that quickly become outdated and require constant maintenance and upgrading, we diligently work behind the scenes to ensure that ENA SmartVoice continues to meet the evolving and expanding communication needs of our customers.


More security. Less worry.

With ENA SmartVoice, a phone in every room becomes an affordable reality, enabling instant and accurate communication in the event of an emergency. Our intelligent 911 system ensures that emergency personnel are dispatched to the correct physical address, regardless of where within the SmartVoice-served area the caller is located. Additionally, designated staff can be notified immediately via e-mail when a 911 call is made. ENA SmartVoice also includes an anonymous call blocking feature that prevents prank calls from reaching staff by rejecting calls with a blocked caller ID.


Exceptional expertise & customer support.

Integrating a new phone system can seem daunting and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! With TeleQuality, you get a team of experts who are ready and available to help you every step of the way.

This next-generation, enterprise-class telephony solution is also backed by exceptional customer service. Our customer support engineers (CSEs) are a dedicated staff available 24x7x365 for immediate customer assistance on any and all ENA SmartVoice service issues.



Why ENA SmartVoice Is the Right Choice!

ENA SmartVoice’s comprehensive packages are specifically designed to meet the daily communication needs of your organization. Designed with the end-user in mind, these packages offer robust feature-sets that enable organizations to cost-effectively streamline, mobilize, and enhance their communication platforms.  

Contact one of our regional service professionals to learn more about our tailored packages or to learn more about how ENA SmartVoice can cost-effectively enhance your healthcare organization’s communication platform.