With today’s healthcare organizations relying on the Internet for critical operations, care delivery, and patient services, lagging speeds and downtime is simply not an option. 

TQ’s managed Internet access (IA) solution is specifically designed to provide the robust and dedicated bandwidth, private network, and guaranteed Internet speeds your organization needs to support connected care environments for staff and patients.  


The Resiliency You Need to Provide Dependable Care 

Over the past 20+ years, TQ’s partner organization, ENA, has built a nationwide, carrier-grade IP backbone infrastructure that delivers exceptional resiliency, world-class network performance, and top-notch disaster recovery. The ENA/TQ network is comprised of multiple fault-tolerant links between geographically diverse points of presence (POPs) within hardened data center facilities, enabling us to deliver core network service continuity in the event of an incident or disaster, hereby eliminating all single points of failure. 


Our national network ensures every Internet request and its associated traffic uses the optimum path to achieve an expedient result.

With TQ’s managed IA solution, you’ll receive: 

        Network design, monitoring, and management

        Optimized routing across data centers located throughout the country delivers network resiliency and eliminates all single points of failure

        DDoS attack mitigation with remotely triggered blackhole filtering

        Dedicated project management and support

        Highly available national network backbone designed for five-nines reliability and disaster survivability and recovery

        Fast reroute-enabled core for immediate recovery from network faults

        Customer notifications that alert you of potential threats to your network

        24x7x365 proactive troubleshooting and customer support

        Simple flat-rate monthly billing

World-Class Monitoring and Technical Support

With TQ's managed Internet access, advanced network monitoring is deployed to track, detect, and stop network attacks before they inflict damage. Should an attack occur, we deploy black hole route filtering to quarantine attack traffic and push threats back into the Internet and away from your network. 

Customers are also supported 24x7x365 with certified, expert-level engineers ready and available to assist should an issue arise. TQ customers only need to call one phone number – TQ’s – to request new services or resolve any issues related to our services. We continually evaluate all aspects of our services and updates, and will replace any component, including TQ-owned customer premises equipment, as required. 


End-to-End Management 

What makes TQ’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Internet access offering so powerful is our comprehensive approach – our solution encompasses the design, provisioning, installation, and monitoring of your broadband connection, and ongoing maintenance of all circuits as well as network equipment and hardware – making TQ the ultimate one-stop shop for all your network infrastructure needs.


If you would like additional information about TQ’s Internet access, or if you would like to purchase IA for your healthcare organization, please contact one of our regional service professionals.